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    Default Diamond Savage 2000 video card

    Have tried to install a replacement videocard last night but I need some help please.

    I tried unsuccesfully to install but to no avail.

    I run a Gigabyte 800 Mhz AMD processor with AGP slot, and a Viewsonic E651-2 monitor .

    I firstly removed the device driver for the S3 card but the new card wa not recognised and would not run.

    I tried to re-run to the S3 PCI card and neither would go.

    I then managed to get the S3 to go again but try as I might I cannot get the PC to recognise the new card.

    If I try the installation from the Savage CD, I get told that the hardware has not been installed. But if I try to run the MS New Hardware Wizard, all I get is a messge that my modem has been found - I already have that running fine! !

    Can someone please help - Do I need to install the 4in1 chipset CD software again or what?



    Ron Adams

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    Default Re: Diamond Savage 2000 video card

    I'm not familiar with the Diamond Savage card but I'm assuming its an AGP?
    If it is try removing the drivers for your S3 then turn off and take out the S3 card and put in the Savage card in the AGP slot, before you bootup have the Savage driver cd in the drive, then boot and go into bios, look for a setting to change the display from pci to agp (I had to do this when I upgraded my card recently) then save and exit bios, hopefully windows will now detect the card and install the drivers.

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    Default Re: Diamond Savage 2000 video card

    Actually try this as your first step before taking out the old card - switch to a plain vga driver from the windows list of options, then do the rest.

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