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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    Yes, you can get XP/Vista to move the My Docs but don't create the destination folder or you will get what I got, namely, the copied folder as a sub folder of the one I created. Just point the destination to the D: or whatever.

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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    Thanks guys, very helpful - this means I can overcome a very annoying problem with Windows. I will try Pctek's solution 1st and Scouse's if need be.

    Scouse - I presume the Office button you refer to is on the Office Toolbar (which I don't use but could restore it for this purpose) and that you R click it.

    If the application is correctly using the My Documents location, which most apps do, it will use whatever folder you direct My Documents to.
    Inphinity - when you say "direct My Documents" I presume you mean relocate My Documents as per the solutions posted.
    Putting your data on D: is a good idea. Not only does it greatly facilitate a clean Windows reinstall if necessary but it was a boon when the HDD in my wife's laptop failed recently. The C: partition was corrupted and couldn't be accessed but I was able to retrieve all her data and other stuff off the D: partition.
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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    Thanks Scouse. I presume that's from Office 2007 - we have Office XP. Will be trying Pctek's method shortly and will look for an equivalent Office button later if necessary.

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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    Quote Originally Posted by pctek View Post
    Via Windows Explorer.
    Right click and CUT MyDocuments, scroll to D:, right click and Paste it.

    Don't copy, CUT and that alters all the reg settings etc so Windows and all apps know its the new location.

    I couldn't get that to work - possibly because we are using Office XP and this may be for 2007. When I R click on My Documents for the shortcut menu it has an option to Copy but none to Cut. I tried going to the Edit menu but Cut is greyed there. I attempted this using My Documents from the LH folders pane and by opening the Desktop folder in that pane and selecting My Documents in the RH pane - the results were the same either way. Am I missing something or does this not work with Office XP?

    Using - XP, Office XP, IE 6.

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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    I do this all the time - so that when I format my XP partition I lose nothing and dont have to muck around backing up things again.

    Its amazing that so many are still set up with one large partition-no wonder people dont re-install windows very often. I enjoy the speed of 1month old installs.

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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    Got back to this at last. Our Office XP doesn't coincide with Blam6's method (different tabs and options etc) but by playing around with that I have apparently got it to work - the final test will be to see if other apps find My Documents now that it is on the D: partition.
    Scouse - I realised later that your method is for storing Word (only) data at a non-default location but I wanted to relocate the whole My Documents folder.
    Pctek - I still suspect your method is for Office 2007, although I didn't try cutting using Crtl-X but I don't think that would have worked.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    Default Re: Putting Data on D Drive - My Documents ?

    To possibly improve performance or for ease to backup data or restore the OS, consider moving the Documents and Settings folder if using up to XP - or the User folder(s) if using Vista or above - This method relocates other hidden folders and files such as email store, address book and cookies. As always, backup first and do at your own risk

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