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    Default Skype Connection Port?

    Skype Settings

    Hi All. Am trying to install Skype. Under tools/options/Advanced settings/ connection at the top of this page there is a box saying "Use Port..... For Incoming Connections."
    Then next is " Use port 80 and 443 AS Alternatives For Incoming Connections" The box next to this is ticked.
    Question: Is there any particular port number which should go in the blank box "Use Port...?. For Incoming Connections." If I leave this box blank and click save to finish, I get a message "Invalid Port" so I imagine something has to be put in the blank port box.
    Any suggestions as to a port number?


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    Default Re: Skype Connection Port?

    Are you behind NAT? If so, you should use a port that has been opened.

    If none of the above means anything to you, you could just try put 80 in the box and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Skype Connection Port?

    Why do you need to modify that setting? It should work just fine without it ...

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    Default Re: Skype Connection Port?

    Skype can go through your firewall without any help at all so I wouldn't bother.
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Skype Connection Port?

    Thanks all. I don't really know much about Skype. Just figured that if it was there it needed to have a port number. I'll leave it blank and see how it turns out. Thanks.

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