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    Default Winxp BSOD just after logging in

    Hi everyone, every so often when my brother starts his computer it blue screens just after he logs in (xp sp3.) It was just restarting before I disabled automatic restart.
    He knows it's going to blue screen because his start bar and task menu is set to the default and when he logs in both the start menu and task bar show up gray, then the computer blue screens a couple of seconds later.

    The BSOD error message in full is..
    stop:c000021a {fatal system error} the windows logan process system terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000) the system has shutdown.

    Windows has been installed about 20 days ago and I'm quite sure it's not a virus because the pc is running an up to date trial copy of nod32. I've googled the bsod error code although this hasnt been very helpful.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks

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    Default Re: Winxp BSOD just after logging in

    It maybe a few things, including malware. Here's a link with the same stop error. That 0xc0000005 (as above) is a memory error. What programs were installed recently?

    Looks like ad-aware can also cause this stop error (when you update it), is this installed? There's a lot more in Google

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    Default Re: Winxp BSOD just after logging in

    Have you tried Booting in Last Known Configuration?

    Try that, then safe mode till you get to a working state and launch system restore then roll back to when it was working.

    If need be, use Safe mode with command prompt and type in this path and hit enter to enter system restore:



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