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    Post I'm Losing It ....

    haha but seriously I think I'm addicted to downloading software -freeware and GOTD (like Zoner Photo Studio today).
    I can see a problem looming where I lose track of what I have and what it is used for. What I would like is another download !!!! that would categorise what I have and incrementally allow me to add notes or group similar downloads.
    Or maybe it's best to re-organise the start menu?
    I'm interested in how other people manage this?

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    Default Re: I'm Losing It ....

    Assign a simple keyword to a program, then open all your apps using that keyword from executor or Launchy.

    Start menu is too filled up

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    Default Re: I'm Losing It ....

    what I have done for a long time is to have category folders, such as "Players and Encoders", "Graphics Programs", "Utilities" etc etc, then put short cuts to the applications in those folders, then make desktop shortcut icons of those folders.

    To add embellishment I have a large collection of icons, and the most appropriate icon is used for each shortcut. like a toolbox for Utilities.....

    The downside is adding to desktop clutter.

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    Smile Re: I'm Losing It ....

    Yeah just chuck them in category folders for your all programs list.

    No icon's on the desktop though,slows my boot times otherwise!!!
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    Default Re: I'm Losing It ....

    Similar to Terry, creating generic folders (Media, Games, Utilities, Security etc) although I don't put too many shortcuts on the Desktop. I also leave my Start menu set to the "Classic View" so I can better see where I am.

    Creates a bit more work when I install an updated version of the app or if I uninstall something, but that's a small price to pay...

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    Default Re: I'm Losing It ....

    I create generic folders with names and then make a word doc with them all listed and whats in each folder and what each program does

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