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    Wink GOTD is Backup Software - Paragon

    FYI seeing backups are always being discussed, GOTD is backup software from Paragon-Software, normal price $39.95 USD today free. Has anyone used it?

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    Default Re: GOTD is Backup Software - Paragon

    Some of their programs have the same software included in every version - I have been using the free magazine versions of paragon Drive copy, and paragon partition Manager often on customers PC's as well as when wanting to have a "play" - works really well.

    ESP the drive Copy from a bootable CD to copy the customers drive to one of mine before doing a reinstall or if its a major clean out (save their data so nothing is lost)

    Just downloading that one you advised about - free is always good

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    Default Re: GOTD is Backup Software - Paragon

    You can also copy the installation files as a keepie so you can burn it to disc and reinstall at your leisure.

    Once downloaded, run the setup file and get to the Paragon menu. It will install to a temp folder

    e.g C:\Documents And Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\Temp

    Look for a folder that has a name like "rarsfx" or something like that. It should be about 250 megs in size.

    Copy and paste the entire folder somewhere.

    You now have a free backup software. Register for the serial key from Paragon save the reg keys to a text file into the folder and then burn the contents of the folder onto disk and you have a bootable free and legal backup software.
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    Default Re: GOTD is Backup Software - Paragon

    Couldn't get the frickin authority from the website to install the program. Tried for the last two hours before the d/l closed. Anybody got this program on CD and willing to send me a copy? I did get a PRODUCT KEY / USER NAME: and
    SERIAL NUMBER: - does it mean I can d/l from their normal d/l page?

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    Default Re: GOTD is Backup Software - Paragon

    PM your address and I'll send you the files I've burnt to CD

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