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    Default McAfee wont completely uninstall

    Recently, McAfee OEM v5 came up with the 30 day trial had expired when i thought it was a 365 day version, and wanted me to purchase the program when i already had, so i uninstalled it, and used a registered installation file that works fine on virgin machines, however, obviously not everything is uninstalled from the previous version because after i reboot after installing the new version the same message keeps appearing! how can i ensure that when i uninstall the previous version everything is gone?

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    Default Re: McAfee wont completely uninstall

    Often when you uninstall progs traces of them can still be left in the system,
    firstly make sure the program is not running and also if it has a setting to load on startup disable it, then best way to uninstall is to use the windows add/remove program app in your control panel,you want to remove all program content including registry settings, it may come up with a msg something like 'windows was not able to remove some features of this program, delete them manually' if this is the case
    then look for the folder the program was located in and delete it then restart your pc.

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    Default Re: McAfee wont completely uninstall

    Yes maybe I should have mentioned this.
    i am using add/remove programs, McAfee uses it's own removal upon initialising this however. Also have deleted any refernce to McAfee in the registry, and deleted any folders. It must have a reference somewhere (I presume registry) that fires back up when I try and install this version thats paid for and disables system scan and prompts for payment.
    Thanks anyways any other ideas?

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