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    I currently have a large spread sheet on Excel that I use in my work as a Quantity Surveyor. After some time I've managed to set it up where you input costs, etc and come up with rates. I am wanting to jazz it up a little into it's own program and maybe develop some sort of accounts software to go along with it, some time down the track. Along with the software I was going to also develop a palm application to work in with it as well.
    I am wanting from you a couple of options of software that would best suit my needs. I would like to get into some sort of entry level package where I can expand latter on to be able to develop a larger program such as the Accounting package. Also, what type of extension will I need to develop palm applications.I was thinking along the lines of Microsoft Visual C++ development system.

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    Hi, if you don't want to pay for any new software until you have got something that works. ie to determine what you want, and if your idea will work. Use Microsoft Access which I assume you already have.

    This allows you to create forms in visual baic and can be set up so that upon execution it runs just like a stand-alone windows program that can only be modified (ie the source code can only be modified) by an admistrator with the appropeiate password.

    I have an example tutorial of how to set up such a database that I could scan and send to you if required - it is quite lengthy (from a 100-level university programming paper) ad has no online help, but is very straight forward and easy to follow. It takes you from setting up a basic database all the way through to a funcioning visual basic program.

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