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    Default Water under tiles...what to do -_-.

    Hi all

    Was just wondering if any one know a good method (preferably not too destructive) of getting rid of water residue under bathroom tiles I have access to the bottom of the bathroom tiles (eg via basement) if thats any help.

    You see there is a big uncovered gap behind our toilet thats in the bathroom. But due to the gap was facing towards a wall, we had no idea that when we cleaned/washed down the toilet, water will slip through the gap and into/underneath the tiles

    Any comments and suggestions welcome

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    Default Re: Water under tiles...what to do -_-.

    Check carefully. The floor underneath the tiles may well be rotten by now and your only solution will be to lift the tiles and replace the floor, especially if it is particle board (Weetbix).

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    Default Re: Water under tiles...what to do -_-.

    Drill a hole/s through the timber from the bottom, seal up the gap.
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