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    Default Re: Avoiding multiple installs of a USB printer

    webcams do the same thing. If you dont put it in the same port it was originally in, it'll create a#1, #2 etc. For any other port you put it in. Not much you can about it

    Thats probably why, windows installs the Kb. mouse, Ipod drivers

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    Default Re: Avoiding multiple installs of a USB printer

    The only solution is to plug it into the same port every time
    Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

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    Default Re: Avoiding multiple installs of a USB printer

    Interested to see this one (while looking for something else entirely).

    My HP Deskjet F2100, plugged permanently into the same USB port (on a hub) regularly disappears and has to be "reinstalled". I'm up to Copy 12 now (in the space of about two years).

    So maybe it's not just a problem of changing ports. Maybe some (dirt-cheap) printers (or some [free gift] USB hubs) are just cantankerous like that.

    Since I don't use the home printer often and the reinstall only takes about five minutes - when I can find the CD immediately - I haven't bothered to seek a solution to the problem; but I'd be interested to know if anyone can suggest one.

    My laptop also runs XP Pro, BTW.

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    Default Re: Avoiding multiple installs of a USB printer

    Same issue here. HP Printer, Xp home sp2, USB port on pc, up to copy 9 last time I checked, and only the latest copy works. Only difference is that it doesn't ask me for the driver cd every time.

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