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    Default grabbing jpg's from streaming camera

    I have a movie camera that streams to by PC. I am looking for a bit of software that will let me display the video as it streams but will also capture stills as jpgs. I have a bit of software at the mo called 'Presto! Mr. Photo'. the trouble with this is that the camera only outputs a resolution of 640x480 and i want this to be expanded to fill the screen better, this software does not allow me to increase the output size.
    Any ideas on a good bit of software?


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    Default Re: grabbing jpg's from streaming camera

    IIRC Yawcam can do that easily:


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    Default Re: grabbing jpg's from streaming camera

    Unless you have a High Definition camera and can set it higher than 640x480 then sizing up is just going to give you a pixilated image anyway.

    640x480 is your video size.

    Even frames from my Hi Def camera are not great compared to Digital Photos.
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