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    Default UBUNTU Intrepid ssh issues

    Hi, i think i am going mad
    This is the third time i have installed this and i am not doing anything wrong, i think....
    I have done a fresh install of an intrepid minimal install, and loaded the ssh key from my server (Fedora 6) i would like to access using rsync and cron, then setup a file in a directory and linked the crontab to test it
    Twice, my .ssh directory has gone missing>>>??? wtf so i have to start again
    Has any one seen this before?
    I notice the .ssh folder is gone when i try to test the using ./, and then it asks for a password, but i have set up ssh so i dont need a password from the server.

    Also i notice that once this happens the graphics go to one colour. What i mean is when you are normally browsing directories the folders are green, files blue etc, but once the problem occurs the files and folders all turn white...??

    I think i am losing it , i am an average linux user, far from guru

    I have tried google on the .ssh folder disappering trick but nada

    Any ideas Linux gurus?
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    Default Re: UBUNTU Intrepid ssh issues

    Check this out,
    Go down the page a wee bit it may be part of yr problem.
    Have you tried something in Google ?

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    Default Re: UBUNTU Intrepid ssh issues

    Thanks for the reply, but i cant quite make out what part of it you are suggesting. Please clarify.
    I have tried google.
    I have tried Intrepid on two different machines, one AMD the other Intel and both did they same thing.

    I have downloaded an older version now (Hardy 8.04) and will try this out this week when i get some spare time.

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