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    Default Need to buy a Modem/router.

    Hi, I need to buy a modem/router in one. I heard the Dynalink RTA1025W was pretty good. Why is this? wasnt it released/made in 2005? Would seem old technology. What are my other router/modem options?

    And im looking to get a 10M ethernet cable to connect two computers or I have the option of getting a wireless network card. Is this what every one is getting?


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    Default Re: Need to buy a Modem/router.

    Not sure if thats a good brand of wireless, personally I would go for a TP-Link or Linksys one.

    And 10m cable:

    You'll get much better speeds with wired, obviosuly.

    Go for a Linksys All in on, they seem to be quite good/reliable


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    Default Re: Need to buy a Modem/router.

    Yeah if computers are desktops wired is probably a good option, especially if you're planning on transferring files between the computers. Wireless is generally rather slow when it comes to this.


    Don't think of it as old technology, it supports ADSL2+ which is the best you can get in NZ right now. Its probably a good thing its a bit older as all the bugs would have been sorted out with the firmware upgrades.

    I know my old Dynalink RTA1320 keep "crapping" out but now the new one seems fine, I guess they fixed all the issues with software upgrades. If you asked me about getting a Dynalink 6 months ago I'd have told you to stay away from them but now its a different story.

    Although I've also got a linksys and have NEVER had any problems with it

    Nothing is perfect, as long as it supports all the things you need and has warranty you should be ok. Getting a known good brand/model is a good idea though.

    Good luck!!


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    Default Re: Need to buy a Modem/router.

    Linksys WAG200G

    As for wired/wireless... depends where your desktop is going to be in relation to your router.
    If they are close by, I usually go for wired. If at other ends of the house (as is the case when I wanna watch a movie in bed or SWMBO family is over and I can't be bothered with them ) I just use wireless from the laptop to the router then onto the media server
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    Default Re: Need to buy a Modem/router.

    Can you do polls on these forums? If so how?

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    Default Re: Need to buy a Modem/router.

    To create a poll when you post a new thread, simply click the 'Yes! post a poll' checkbox at the bottom of the page, and set the number of possible responses you want to include.

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