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    Default Error loading operating system.

    Hi all,

    I was trying to be clever and install Windows XP on my machine which is running Windows Vista 64bit.
    It has a single hardrive with 2 partitions, so I was trying to install XP on the secondary one.

    I have read that you typically have to fix the Vista booting once XP is installed, but my problem is I never got to that point.

    Windows XP setup went through it's file copy process and then restarted so it could startup the proper setup program. But on rebooting I just got the error "Error loading operating system".
    So now, I couldn't complete the XP install, or get back into Vista.

    I have my hardrisk connected as an external drive via USB to another computer, as I don't have the Vista cd with me so that I can access it.
    Is anyone aware of a way that I can fix the Vista booting this way? Or do I really need the Vista cd to fix it?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Error loading operating system.

    Check if this applies:

    To fix vista-Download this:

    (64bit version)

    You will need a torrent program such as utorrent to download this.

    Once you have downloaded it, find the iso, and burn it to a cd with either imgburn/or burning software of choice

    Burn at a slow speed, sich as 2x or 4x, to minimize errors

    Once done, boot from disc, and select "Startup repair"

    Let it do its, stuff, reboot, and you should be ok

    Once its fixed, format the HDD in disk management within vista(Run>diskmgmt.msc) and reinstall, following this tutorial:

    You might also want to install EasyBCD to manage the boot entries

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