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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    --- In 1983 a junior Paris bank employee failed to turn up at his office. The police forced the door of his apartment only to find it blocked by what turned out to be a solid mass of garbage, which filled the entire apartment to within less than a metre of the ceiling. They found the bank employee lying under a blanket in a little dip at the top. He had died in his sleep.

    What they publicly categorised as garbage was actually old shoes, old clothes, abandoned suitcases, rags, empty bottles and scrap-paper. The apartment was so full that the collector was obliged to eat, bathe and change elsewhere. To get out the door he had to shift a whole section.

    Each item had been cleaned, washed and brushed before being added to the collection. He was forty-nine and died of natural causes. It may have been gases emanating from his clothes and newspapers...

    Excerpt from the entry for Collectors in "The Doubter's Companion" by John Ralston Saul
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Yes I have a cupboard full of old software and dead hardware. Even have the Amiga version of the game Populus on a 3 1/2" floppy, don't know why as I don't have an Amiga to run it on anymore. Got rid of that 11 years ago.
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Started with 1981 Ohio Superboard! (It was sold off about 20 years ago.) Still keep dead drives, 5inch floppy drives, old serial cards, ethernet coax etc, but I do grudgingly throw out a few bits each year in the inorganic collection!
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    If Maryann were to throw out any clapped out parts, the first would probably be ME. PJ
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Bantu View Post
    Just wondered if I am the only one that keeps old hardware/software etc even dead items like old HDD's, CD-Roms, manuals etc.

    Examples:- DOS, Win 3.1, their box and manuals etc, 2x CD-Rom, Cards of all sorts, serial cards, ide cards of all sorts scsi etc, cables galore etc etc etc.

    Just talking to someone in another thread about it.

    I have a heap of big plastic boxes of old stuff I hang on to, I have no idea why I just do.

    It has now partially taken over part of a spare room in our house as well.

    Anyone else have this "keeping things" obsession or is it just me?
    Me too. hehe
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    I think I still have a Iomega Zip drive lying around downstairs, along with a few Zip disks (at least one of them is a 250MB!!! Wow!)

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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Nothing wrong with hanging on to it.
    Look at the prices old stuff fetches on Ebay and Craigslist.
    Maybe have to hang on to for a few hundred years but it will get value over time.
    Luckily there are people who put stuff aside instead of tossing it and their descendants reap the rewards later on.
    I Just throw computer stuff in a box and put in the roof
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Bantu View Post

    Anyone else have this "keeping things" obsession or is it just me?
    I have a ZX81 in the shop window, but its a display.
    And I have DOS6.22 but I do use it on occasion.

    Keeping stuff is mainly a guy thing, there's guys all over the place here with sheds full of crap.

    When we moved the first time I allowed husband to keep whatever he could identify.
    We filled a skip with unknown bits from old exchanges and vehicles and who knows what else.............he slowly accumulates stuff again.
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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Half the stuff you talk about here was released before I was born...

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    Default Re: Keeping Old Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by blam6 View Post
    Half the stuff you talk about here was released before I was born...
    LOL Never mind young fella, keep reading and you will learn of our old technology:-)
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