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    Default What are these webpages?

    Doing some analysis of employees internet usage, and the two sites below keep coming up:

    There some info on the first one here, but it's a bit over my head!

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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    Default Re: What are these webpages?

    The first one (I've seen it pop up here in PF1, (down the bottom when you click on links etc, well most sites) is probably how the Google bots / spiders put the posts on Google.

    Same goes for the 2nd one, as it says Yahoo
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    Default Re: What are these webpages?

    Google Analytics is what (most) webmasters use to track their visitors. The tool uses a javascript file called urchin.js, which is automatically executed at the end user (unless you have got NoScript installed), enabling the webmaster to collate data such as country of origin and time of visit.

    If it were Google Ads, it would probably show up as


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