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    Default Default Mail Server Outlook Express

    Running Windows ME and OE 5.1
    Going into Tools,Option,General and then clicking make default and then apply. When going back it has reverted to not default.I cannot send an Email from a web page because there is no default mail server.

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    Default Re: Default Mail Server Outlook Express

    If I understand what you are saying you are trying to set the deafult in OE.

    I assume that you're running Internet Explorer.

    Set the defalut mail in
    *Internet Options

    and choose oe as your mail handler.

    Then you should be okay for sending mail from a web page.

    Let me know if this is not what you mean.


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    Default Re: Default Mail Server Outlook Express

    Thanks for that Dave, yes it is what I mean but when I go into options there is nothing in the Email section and I can`t enter anything.

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