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    I recently upgraded my laptop to SP1. Os is Vista home premium. Issue is that after about 20 minutes of using the laptop even with power cable plugged in the internet browsers (both IE7 and Firefox) seem to stop working. However I am able to ping google.

    I have Zonealarm Firewall and Nod32 AV. I even tried shutting down ZA and Im still not able to brows the net. I doubt that this is a virus issue.

    I have tried setting the power settings to medium. and even set the wireless adapter's power settings to be on maximum performance while on battery and while plugged in.

    Usually a restart fixes this but I would imagine there is an easier fix, for example a setting some where.


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    Default Re: Vista annoyance

    Done a spyware scan?
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Vista annoyance

    I had (have) the same problem:

    The issue came back about two days later ...

    Anyways, a system rollback solved it. Still unsure of whats causing it, initial thoughts are a windows update of some description :-/

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    I have seen several issues like this and all have been fixed by uninstalling ZA and re-booting. Simply 'shutting it down' aren't enough - services are still running.

    May not work for you but I would try it. You can always re-install ZA, after all.

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