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    Default Error message in WinRAR: Disk is full

    When I double-click on a specific big item in WinRAR I get the message: "Probably the disk is full" or something like that... What can I do to stop this?

    I am from Norway but I hope you understand.

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    Default Re: Error message in WinRAR: Disk is full

    Well maybe it is - where are you trying to extract it to?
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    Default Re: Error message in WinRAR: Disk is full

    When you double-click an item, its extracting it from the .rar file into a temporary location that your computer is able to run. When it does this, it uses more HDD space on your C: Drive (Unless you change the settings in the options).

    Basically, free some HDD space up
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    Default Re: Error message in WinRAR: Disk is full

    Yeah when you extract files with WinRAR it first extracts them to the Windows TEMP/TMP location which by default is on your C: drive. You can change the TEMP and TMP locations to another drive with more space if you want. E.g. D:\Temp

    Right click My Computer > System Properties > Advanced tab > Environment Variables > User Variables

    Click on TEMP and then Edit. Change the Variable name to something like:
    Then click OK.
    Now edit the TMP value and change it to something like:
    and click OK 3 times to finish. That should put the temporary locations on another drive. Make sure you've created the Windows, TEMP and TMP folders on the drive as well.

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    Default Re: Error message in WinRAR: Disk is full

    If you are using XP, what file system are you using, Fat32 or NTFS (because Fat32 has a maximum single file size limit of 4GB, and will give you a "Disk Is Full" error as it says here)
    You may need to convert your file system to NTFS as suggested in the above page.
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