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    Default Re: WinZil video file

    How big is the file kenny, that will be a bit of an indicator as to whether it is video or not.
    If it is only a megabyte or two I doubt it is a video and sending a video file via email does not sound right unless it is only a few seconds long.

    What is the exact filename you got it in.
    something.mpg/jpg/mov/avi/m4a/rar/zip or what?
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    Default Re: WinZil video file

    size is 55.6KB . GS2082008153_701051584_5771_640_480.RAR whatever that means...

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    Default Re: WinZil video file

    Its not big enough to be a video file. Its either stuffed, or wasnt done properly

    Or its fake (it didnt come from whoever you think sent it)

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    Default Re: WinZil video file

    thanks every one....will contact aussie and get them to redo the pictures. Happy and safe new years too you all. Cheers...kennybouy

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