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    I am with Xtra and have suddenly getting lots of emails for rubbish (Vigara etc) and can't get rid of them as there is no sent address or my email address in both the to / from lines. Can anyone help me.

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    You can:

    1. Enable Xtra's spam filter via your Xtra email account options on Xtra's webpages.

    2. Download and install email notification software such as PopTray to delete the spam off the server prior to retrieving your emails.

    3. Change your email address to something less common.

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    Get a GMail address and forward your Xtra emails to it. (Better still, don't use the Xtra email address, except as your login to your Xtra account - this will make you ISP-independent, so when you want to change ISP, your contacts won't even know - and you won't have to let your contacts know what your new email address is!).

    GMail has a very good spam filter - I could count on one hand the number of spam messages I have received via GMail in the last 4 years.

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