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Thread: PCW ISP Survey

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    have just finished writing the feature, results will be in the next issue of PCW, due out on shelves at the end of this month.

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    Xnets plans are great(you pay for what you use) we also use there VFX phone. The big problem for me is the service is so variable, speeds are just not consistant, and the phone cuts out frequently (3 times since Christmas). The worst problem is their "support" service, while technically OK, they have NO service or people skills and don't seem to work to a Critical Path Analysis program to isolate problems.

    I had one person among many who realised a nonworking phone and internet connection ment either modem or lines. Modem was OK. But 12 days without phone or internet is a bit much!! I had a very low rate connection which ment I could Ping (badly) but not connect with anything.(eventually found to be an exchange problem) I had one guy say to me"Everything is OK at our end". Thats real service training!! and just what I wanted to hear. I was particularly impressesd by the promise to phone me back as soon as they investigated the latest fix. At least four people didn't ie none.

    They seem to have a very non connection with Telecom in telling me it would cost me hundredes of dollars if it wasn't a line fault on a callout, and looking for some other reason nothing was working. Once EVENTUALLY pushed up to a Manager, I found out the next day(after about 8-9 days without any connection I was "on his list." All through this whole saga no one expressed any sense of urgency, concern, or responsibility about the lack of service.

    As I said the plans are good but 100% of a ISP performance rating is service both in speed and support. I can't help thinking it wouldn't take much to train staff to to have SOME skills in handling customers in a satisfactory way, and back them up with a system that isolates problems easier.
    Then there is the problem of speed?!
    As a last note we had children travelling in Asia all this time without contact, or any idea of their location.

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