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    Thumbs up Thanks to the Mods!

    It's the same with anything, if it's not going well the admins are gonna hear about it, but they hardly get thanked when everything is fixed and theres no problems.

    So.... Big ups to the mods/admins - Jen, Chill and Jan. The forum has been great recently, especially after the upgrade.

    Spam has been dealt with promptly and with a reasonable amount of humour.

    Hope you guys (and Jen) enjoy the festive season (not too much though).

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the forum!

    P.S. - Bletch is still a legend, long may him and his CSS reign supreme.
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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    Although im new and have had no problems with the forums.....yet. I would like to thank the mods for there help(even if it was just tellin' me that i hae 2 wait till 10 posts to get it......)

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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    You mods do a great job keeping spam etc off the forum - I report spam often and it is nearly always gone with 30 mins!

    Great to have minimal downtime this year too

    Have a great (and well-earned) break
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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    To really appreciate PF1 and our mods you have to experience some of the over-complicated and suffocatingly moderated overseas forums.

    I belong to several vintage radio/electronics forums and one in particular, in a country with many times our population, has so little activity that the forum doesn't seem to get more than 10 or 20 posts a day in total across several sub-forums. Despite that, it is over-moderated to the extreme.

    You cannot just sign up and start posting, you have to be approved first, then your first few posts are held back and checked by the mods to see if they are worthy of allowing onto their hallowed pages, so there's no chance of getting a quick answer to an urgent question.

    Posting in the wrong sub-forum is the crime of the century and brings down the stiff upper-lipped wrath of the moderators with threats of banning etc. Threads are locked if deemed to have strayed off-topic, even if following a logical technical line of thought, and they are also locked if the Mods think you've been spending too much time on the issue. If you dare to question a Moderator's decision you get very abruptly told to go elsewhere if you don't like it (and I'm speaking from personal experience here).

    Monday Laughs and any of our other OT diversions would not survive 5 minutes under their Stalinistic regime, Metla would have been transported to Siberia after one week and Surfer Joe would have been conscripted and sent to Iraq.

    Long live PF1 and its unique Kiwi flavour of tolerance and civilised self-moderation.

    Thank you Mods, and PCW, for providing an environment that is a pleasure to work in.

    Merry Christmas to all.


    Billy 8-{)
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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    lol- a bit off topic but...- thats a kick a$$ pc uve got there jwil
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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    What happen to the Mod pin up calender?
    Current band: Leave The Dead

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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    Quote Originally Posted by rob_on_guitar View Post
    What happen to the Mod pin up calender?
    The dart holes got too large. (Nyuck, nyuck)

    Conscripted? Bah!
    : smiley:with:shoe:bomb:

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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    Have to agree with all the positive comments about the mods here - well done guys!!

    (No, this is not a suck-up post )

    You're allowed one extra drink on Christmas Day for all the great work you do here.

    You can interpret that as "one drink for the great work" or "one drink for each regular poster on the PressF1 forum" or "one drink for every spammer banned", depending on your own particular drinking preferences. The 'which beverage?' decision can also be left in your capable hands...

    Have a great Christmas!!!

    It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument. -William G. McAdoo, lawyer and politician (1863-1941)

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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    Here here to all.. Enjoy your Christmas dinner Mods guys and gal.


    PS Where's the Merry Christmas smilie?

    Here maybe?
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    Default Re: Thanks to the Mods!

    A big thank you to the mods from me, also.

    I was looking out for the mod pin up calendar, too. To get enough classy/cheesy/fantastic shots, there could be a few others chosen from the very regular helpful..(covering myself, there) PF1 contributors.

    Thanks also, to all the help and entertainment given by the members.

    Have a very merry and safe Christmas.


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