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    Default 7900gt vs 8600gt vs 7600gt

    A friend of mine asked me this question. I had no clue other than that the 7600gt is the worst card there, followed by the 8600gt and then the 7900gt.

    I did a search but the results were rather shaky.

    What do you think?
    Is it 7900gt>8600gt>7600gt?
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    Default Re: 7900gt vs 8600gt vs 7600gt

    7900GT is better. Though 7900GT is only dx9 and 8600GT is dx10.

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    Default Re: 7900gt vs 8600gt vs 7600gt

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    Smile Re: 7900gt vs 8600gt vs 7600gt

    QUOTE:qazwsxokmijn;7900GT is better. Though 7900GT is only dx9 and 8600GT is dx10.

    Yeah the 7900GT is better then the others.

    8600GT even though it can do dx10 you would never use it for a dx10 game as it is not powerful enough to run a dx10 eye candy game good enough!!!
    It can't even do a dx9c game good enough heaven help you if you want to do a dx10 game with it!!!
    It sucks to put it simple,and a true gamer would not even consider it at all.
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