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    Default AOC monitors - Good or Bad


    I am looking to replace my 17 inch CRT, and have seen this monitor here, which seems awfully cheap, I like the look of it, and from what little i know AOC are a fairly average brand as in not crap but not top of the line, which is kind of what i am looking for, budget etc

    Any yes i know it's widescreen which would be handy for me as i have tend to have to apps side by side so would be ideal

    Just want some views I can't seem to find any info on Pixel warranty? things though
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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Depends who you buy it from, some give pixel guarantee and this is reflected in the price.
    AOC are value for money but not top of the food chain.

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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Most AOC's are in the budget area - personally I wouldn't - one thing you want to look at as well - May be wide screen, BUT look at the actual Viewing area.

    On the one you posted 409.8(H) x 230.4(V) NOW go get a ruler and compare to what the current 17" CRT is ---- I'll wait for the Gasp !

    As a general guide line - from the quotes I give to customers the following is roughly the actual viewing sizes of Several LCD's (give or take a few mm)

    LCD Sizes viewing area – All dimensions are in inches and approximate only

    17” standard (4:3) 13.3 x 10.6

    19” Standard (4:3) 14.8 x 11.9

    19” Wide 16.1 x 10.1

    20” Wide 17.1 x 10.7

    22” Wide 18.6 x 11.6

    You would be better off spending a few more $$ and getting a descent brand - Viewsonic are always good for the $ and reasonably priced.
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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Generally fine...
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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    +1 for Viewsonic, i've owned them since the days of crt's and they outlast everything else i've ever had.

    I'll also table CMV as a budget brand but from the perspective of them being tough lil buggers, I have one on my workbench for use on my trash boxes, its had a rough life but its still rocking along. gets hooked up to all sorts of machines and banged around a bit while moving cases around and stuff.

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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Brands dont actually matter, the panel in the screen matters much more.

    (copied from a previous post)
    You can check which panel a certain screen has here:

    TN: Lowest cost, worst viewing angles and colour reproduction, low image processing lag. Apparently best for fast paced gaming, worst for image editing and professsional work where colour accuracy is important. TN panels can only display 262k colours natively and use dithering to display 16.7m.

    *VA (MVA, PVA, S-PVA): Middle of the road, better viewing angles and colour reproduction, typically high image processing lag (as high as 64ms!). Typically best black levels and contrast. Can display 16.7m colours but unfortunately (or fortunately if you're a design professional) most newer panels of this type are wide gamut, meaning sRGB images are oversaturated in non colour managed applications. Can suffer from slight horizontal contrast shift (like TN's vertical contrast shift, but not as obvious)

    IPS (S-IPS, H-IPS): Most expensive technology, viewing angles and colour reproduction almost as good as (or even better than) that of a CRT, medium image processing (between 20-40ms). Almost all are wide gamut (which is a disadvantage, or an advantage depending on how you look at it). No contrast shift.

    All panel types have similar response times so ghosting is not really a problem anymore. Although some panels use overdrive, so you get a 'negative' ghosting effect, depending on the background eg on the TN (viewsonic 22") I'm using now, there is a slight ghosting trail, which isn't noticable on my IPS screen. So in this instance, TN has worse ghosting than IPS, even though the TN has a "quicker" documented (5ms for TN, 6ms for IPS) response time.

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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Ive got an AOC CRT monitor here its still going. Dont know about their LCD's

    The old Viewsonic CRT I had, started screwing up tho, the sides of the screen kept on curving inwards (like there was a magnet or something near it). There wasnt. Everytime I turned it on.

    So, I chucked that in the bin. Hopefully this viewsonic LCD doesnt do the same thing

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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Quote Originally Posted by PENTIUM View Post
    Depends who you buy it from, some give pixel guarantee.
    AOC are value for money but not top of the food chain.
    No it doesn't depend who you buy it from. The warranty is with AOC, you call their 0800 number if there is a problem. While you can go back to the shop - you don't have to.

    I am looking at a 19" AOC LCD right now. I got it cheap.
    Its OK, I don't avoid them like some brands, Viewsonic is a nicer monitor but AOC is OK for budget. It is a bit more "candy cane" colour than my Viewsonic, which is about the only thing that stands out comparing the 2.

    Pixel warranty varies from brand to brand and varies a bit on models. IF that is a concern look it up on the manufacturers website first.
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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    +1 for AOC

    Mine runs very well, Looks great with games and 3 year warranty
    In reviews they usually score pretty well on a cost/performance basis
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    Default Re: AOC monitors - Good or Bad

    Viewsonic used to be "the" monitor in CRT times for photoshop etc, but they are pretty average now
    AOC about the same level in my viewing experience, got an email yesterday for AOC 22" for 275 incl deal is on until 14th Dec, get two for the price of one
    We use 22" Viewsonic & AOC, for CAD work, two new LG's also, (they all look the same to me, maybe it is old age)

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