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    Default My Internet has taken quite the downfall...

    I have a 56k modem three years old, a

    MSP3880-W 56K

    and it usually gives me 53000bps. I am connected to Xtra, flat rate.

    It has now decreased to a DANGEROUSLY low level 28000 bps. I attempted to 'fix' (meaning I attempted to tweak its settings) it, which ended in utter failure, when I finally gave up and set it back to normal.

    It is now unstable, and will disconnect frequently, and gives me BAD speeds.

    It has disconnected three times within this post.

    I would appreciate ANY help on this.

    I CANNOT play any game, especially my favourite, Counter-Strike, which gives me cl_flushentity packets for taking a step.

    People who play CS will know what I mean.



    P.S I AM 14 YEARS OLD.

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    Default Re: My Internet has taken quite the downfall...

    Call the Xtra helpline, and tell them your problem.

    They have a fantastic database for their helpdesk staff, and they are quite patient.

    They should be able to fix the problem. Remember to tell them everything you know about what you've done to try to fix the problem.

    If you aren't keen on calling xtra, go to the Device Manager in System (under Control Panel). Delete your modem driver from the list, and reboot your PC. Assuming you are using Windows 95 or above, the software should detect your modem and reinstall the drivers to their original settings.

    Hope this helps.


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