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    We all love the word free, so does anyone know of a worthwhile free program that can downloaded of the Net to help fix memory leaks for Win ME? My RAM can be reduced by as much as 30% at times.

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    Cacheman at seems to work well

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    sorry but cacheman is a swapfile tweak program not a memory leak fixer.
    i think what your are after is memory management tweakers such as ram idle. cheak out they simple flush out the ram when itgets to full. personal i wouldnt bother by the time windows loads up and grabs the memory it wants theres usually not much left to manage, you are only wasting resoures by trying to manage it.
    my advice get cashman it does help but dont waste your time with any so called ram boosters.

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    Default Re: Memory Leaks might like to have a look at two small free utilities (less than 250kb)on the following site:

    (i) Cache Booster

    (ii) Mem Max

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    I have tried ram booster and mem monster and quickly grew tired of it constanly using the processor to free up leaked ram, If you can afford it more ram and windows 2000 is a much better option

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    just check out the downloads on this pcworld site. theres some great downloads for this situation. its under the system utilities section i think. it includes everyting like cacheman etc, pcworld only stick the resonable programs on i think.

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