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Thread: HRV question

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    Default HRV question

    I had an HRV system installed into my house during winter.
    It's been good for drying up the condensation etc.

    But now I'm noticing the other extreme, where the house is feeling too dry.
    Bought a hygrometer and noticed the humidity can drop to below 40%.

    Those of you that have an HRV or similar, how did you control this, apart from turning the system off?

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    Default Re: HRV question

    Try changing the ventilation Level -- This is from the instructions---


    To change this setting, first turn the system OFF with a single press of the ON/OFF button.
    The screen will go blank.

    Next, hold the Temperature button for 3 seconds, until you hear a beep.
    The screen will light up displaying 01 in the roof, and another number in the House.
    Release the TEMP button as soon as the screen has lit up.

    The number shown in the house(bottom Figure) is the ventilation level.
    use single presses of the ON/OFF button to cycle this value from 1 (the least aggressive) through 6 (the most aggressive). You will want to have the ventilation level set as high as possible, but not so high as to over ventilate on winter nights or summer days.
    Choose an appropriate level, and press the FUNC button once to return to normal operation.

    Whilst your ventilation level is a personal preference and makes the HRV adaptable to any home, it is suggested that you lower the ventilation level to 1 during the summer months and increase it during winter to above 3. Having it above 3 in winter will ensure any condensation is minimised.

    ------------------------- End Quote---------------------------------

    Ours is set to 2 at the moment, was at 5 a few weeks ago (originally was at 6 but was to aggressive), and we have lowered the temp right down to the lowest last week - 18.

    That way it cools when the roof temp cools at night- currently the roof is showing 20 with house at 22 - in cooling mode. When the House reaches 18 it almost switches off.
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    Default Re: HRV question

    I've had the ventilation mode on 1 for quite a while now (3-4 weeks).
    But still the house feels too dry.

    Sometime wake up in the morning with sore dry eyes/nose.

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    Default Re: HRV question

    We have a dvs system, I know there are differences, but a couple of things come to mind.

    Are you the only one in the house suffering excess dryness?
    Your HRV system would still be under guarantee, contact them.


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    Default Re: HRV question

    Where do you live? If you are in Canterbury, and you have a system that is drying what is already very dry air, then I would expect that to be a problem.

    In summer down here, I often have to use eye lubrication drops, had to give up wearing contact lenses (I used to use them all the time in Dorkland without problems), and I use saline nasal sprays quite often to moisten dry nasal bits. No-one else in the family seems to have this problem, but I certainly do. Maybe as Marnie suggests, excessive dryness is an individual issue?

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    Default Re: HRV question

    Live in Auckland. It's mainly me, but my wife has also mentioned house seeming too dry.

    I'll chase up HRV.


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