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    Default Network Neighbourhood (Win95c)

    Before re-installing Win95 on one of my computers, in my network neighbour, all the computers on the network would all show up.
    After re-installing Win95,
    I now do not see all my computers showing up on the very first page/screen that appears first, unless I have to double click onto 'Entire Network' and then I would see the different workgroups.
    Is there somewhere where I have to reconfigure in settings somewhere to have all my computer show up on that very first screen/page after double-clicking the Network Neighbourhood icon?

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    Default Re: Network Neighbourhood (Win95c)

    You have to be in the same workgroup as the the rest of the computers on your network.

    Right mouse click on Network Neighbourhood, select properties. Select the Identification tab and Enter the correct workgroup. Windows will then ask you to reboot, do as it desires and you should have those other PCs appearing right there inside network neighbourhood.

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