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    Default Boot or bypass CD

    Long ago (20 years ago)I had a box that would automatically boot from a cd if a bootable one was in the drive or would go on to boot from the MBR if there was no CD.Is this still available.?

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    Default Re: Boot or bypass CD

    Just change the boot order in the BIOS on most motherboards.

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    Default Re: Boot or bypass CD

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweep View Post
    Just change the boot order in the BIOS on most motherboards.
    Pretty much-but I've noticed that the computer boots up slower if I have a non-bootable disc in the drive

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    Default Re: Boot or bypass CD

    Yep that's right - set the boot order to Floppy, CD-ROM, HD.

    It will try to boot from floppy if there is a disk in there (and if it's not bootable you'll get the "insert system disk" message). With a CD, it will only try to boot from the CD if the CD itself is bootable.
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