Hiya guys,
It's time for another LAN event! This one is in a luxurious conference center, with a bunch of mature, fun attendees. Much gaming and uh, linux ISO sharing is to be had. Website is at www.ZenithLAN.co.nz

It's limited at 60 people, and is by application/invite only. However, we're pretty leniant on this so let me know if you want to come via msn, at minersoft1 at hotmail dot com.

- TF2 3v3 bball, tournament rules in the forum.
- CoD4 3v3 Headquarters, tournament rules in the forum.

The Apollo Health Center's luxury conference rooms. Includes a sleeping room which is seperated from the main room. Plus security gaurds will be patrolling if you have any worries about gear being stolen. In 13 BGLans we never had a single piece of equipment go missing. This is in Albany, North Shore. We've had people from as far as Christchurch come to our events.

Start: 8PM Friday, October the 10th
End: 2PM Sunday, October the 12th
Price: $35

- Includes free pizza on Saturday night
- 20% off at the cafe downstairs, bring a spot of cash to feed yourself some of their delicious gourmet food
- Will be announcing a deal with BK, which is literally across the road from the venue
- Potentially free Red Bull by the redbull girls.
- You'll be able to book your seat(s) in advance!

To sign up, head over to the ZenithLAN website and sign up an account! We don't do registrations anymore, just straight prepayments.

Please let me know if you have any questions about it, by posting in this thread, msning me, or emailing me on the site. Also check out our awesome forums!