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    Default Error SU0013 when installing Win 9x

    To set up Windows 98, your startup drive must be an MS-DOS boot partition. If your startup drive is formatted as HPFS or NTFS, you must create an MS-DOS boot partition before running Setup. For more information about creating an MS-DOS boot partition, see your computer documentation.

    I get this error when trying to install Windows 98 or 95, the drive has been fdisk, then formatted.

    Any ideas

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    Default Re: Error SU0013 when installing Win 9x

    Formatted what? Set active? Recognised in BIOS? What Windows CD is used - OEM or retail? What type of machine?

    Look here


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    Default Re: Error SU0013 when installing Win 9x

    Start fdisk again and select the option to display the drive properties (4). Ensure that it does not have a non-DOS partition, and it has an active (boot) partition.

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    Default Re: Error SU0013 when installing Win 9x

    Thanks for your help, your answer got me playing around with Fdisk and when you go into it it asks you about enabling large disk. Say no to that the it fixs the install problem. Yay finally got it.


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