After my children crahsed the computer for the nth time I decided to look at dual boot.

I have two hard drives (both SATA) and two different Windows XP Pro CDs.

The plan was to load one XP Pro CD on one hard drive for us parents and the other for the children.

I loaded Windows XP Pro on the first hard drive in C: drive and the necessary softwares. That was no problem.

But after loading the second Windows XP Pro in the second hard drive, and windows automatically call it D: I find that I couldn't boot from C anymore. In fact I ended up re-loading all the software again in the second harddrive (D in order to read data (e.g. Office 2003) in the C drive.

I really want to boot from the first drive (C because it's the faster one of the two, is there a way I can swap the two around so that when I boot the machine up it will boot from C: instead of D which is the second case?

Now when I boot up I see two Windows XP Pro loadings, the first works (which is D drive) and second doesn't.