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    Default programs won't start

    I have photoshop cs3 on pinned to start menu. The only way I can get it to launch is by opening a .jpg or .raw file - it won't start by clicking the program icon in the normal manner. It used to. Now it doesn't. Also, acrobat reader won't launch. Even right-click/open doesn't work. Using XP pro. Assistance appreciated, ta.

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    Default Re: programs won't start

    you could try by going here start/my computer/c:/programs files/adobe/adobe photoshop CS3/scroll down to photoshop CS3.exe right click on it & pin to start menu, you should be able to launch it now,as for adobe reader uninstall reinstall is my suggestion...
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    Default Re: programs won't start

    sorry cant help with photoshop. But if you don't want to reinstall adobe reader you could try foxit (google it) it is also a acrobat reader and in my opinion better than the adobe one
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    Default Re: programs won't start

    +2 for foxit

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