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    Default external HDD help.

    ok so i have this 20gb toshiba mk2018gap 2.5 laptop HDD plugged into my pc through a ide-usb adapter. whenever it is plugged in if i try to start up certain programs ( device manager, partition magic 8.0, my computer) they just freeze, i can use all my other prgrams properly. now i have figured out that if i disconnect the HDD while partition magic is frozen it will boot up and it will show the laptop HDD with 3 unallocated partitions, 1 10gb one , 1 7gb one and another 2gb hidden partition. all three partitions are fat32 i beleive.

    now while i am in partition magic 8.0 i try to create new partitions on the unallocated slots it gives me an #10055 error and doesnt format the disk.

    the disk will show up in device manager as Toshiba mk2018gap and says is working but it wont show up in my computer.

    the disk has power and i can hear it load and stuff.

    what do i do to get it working.

    it has come out of an old laptop running XP pro.

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    Default Re: external HDD help.

    edit for OP: i cant run any programs. if i try to boot any program up it freezes and then wen i unplug the drive it starts working.

    also i managed to format the drive using partition magic upon reboot ( when it was fat32 with all the old PCs data on it, but it was frozen (partittion magic) so i just left it for a bit then unplugged the drive coz it was frozen and then it said complete, and then i loaded up windows and now it is how it now.

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    Default Re: external HDD help.

    then i loaded up windows and now it is how it now.
    Please clarify, is it working now?
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    Default Re: external HDD help.

    no it is how i described it as in first post.

    the information in post two happened before post one.

    i couldnt edit the first post so i had to add it after.

    before post one it was the same as in post 2 except it was fat 32 and i managed to format it but it froze during formatting so i unplugged it ( thats how i get progras working) and now in partition magic (getting it to show up by unplug and quikly replug when PM is booting up) it show those 3 sections (10gb 7gb and 2gb) as unallocated blocks of data and they are all called disk check failed and i am in the situation of post one.(apart from that i cant load any program while the drive is plugged in.

    sorry for the confusion, i thought i should add this info but it was too late to edit post one so...

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    Default Re: external HDD help.

    does anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: external HDD help.

    Hmm. Try this.

    Remove all partitions on the drive and recheck using PM. If you have a copy of Norton Disk Doctor (old DOS) use that also. The objective is to establish if the drive has any problems.

    You may also want to try any disk diagnostic software from the manufacturer.

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