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Thread: Mini laptop bag

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    Default Mini laptop bag

    Hi all

    My friend has recently bought an Asus Eee PC 900 and wants a carry bag for it so he can take it out with him. It needs enough space for power brick, mini mouse etc etc.

    A satchel is preferable to a backpack .

    What do you recommend? (btw the included protective bag/slip thing is not sufficient )

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    Default Re: Mini laptop bag

    A trip to bag shop,to see what is available.
    That is where I would start!.
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    Default Re: Mini laptop bag

    Maybe have a look through the Kathmandu catalogue to see if one of their bags can be adapted.

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    Default Re: Mini laptop bag

    You might want to try Crumpler Bags,
    The Crumpler Status Belly under messenger bags looks like it could be compact enough for the EEE pc.
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