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    Default Swap 2 gig micro sd card for 512 mb

    Hey people, heres a good deal.

    My son brought a Transcend 2GB Micro Secure Digital Card for his phone from TradeMe(without checking with me....ahem ). But it won't format on the phone and it is probably because the maximum size the phone will take is a 512mb card according to the manual (like he would read it first...). It formats and works fine using a PC, so it's a phone issue.

    Rather than sell or try to get a credit (unlikely), does anyone have a 512mb they want to swap for the 2 gig?

    If so, please PM me, and we can just snail mail it to each other.


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    "Heres my ten cents, my two cents are free."

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    Default Re: Swap 2 gig micro sd card for 512 mb

    Sorted !! Cheers guys.
    "Heres my ten cents, my two cents are free."

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