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    I have a pentium 111 600 and find that my machine is stuck in safe mode. I was having a security check done by Norton when the machine switched off then on again this time in safe mode. Nothing I do will stop this mode even uninstalling Norton. Any ideas.

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    ...the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article might assist:

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    its possible you may have hardware conflicts or duplication - while in safe mode - go to control panel, system - delete any duplicated hardware & reboot.
    However don't attempt this if you are a beginner. Call a technician - email (use a friend's PC or cyercafe)me at if you are in Auckland. This type of problem is my specialty.

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    Does your computer start normally if you interupt the boot using the F8 key and select Normal from the menu? If so, then I suspect that the default start up setting has been modified. There is a fix for this in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, though I can't remember which article number it is.

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