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    Default Address Book

    Outlook Express 5.5 address book problem.
    The addresses from the book have all dissapeared and having a floppy with them on, I wish to import them.
    The problem is that the 'Import' is greyed out and would like some help in fixing this problem..
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Regards Ron..

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    ...firstly, open the Tools tab of your Address Book and ensure that the 'Folders and Groups' function is check marked. Does that resolve your problem (??)

    Failing that I have no answer as to why the details have disappreared (unless you have recently upgraded Internet Explorer?) but you can replace them from your floppy. However, in view of your Import function being greyed out, it is more than likely you will need to use the following (and rather convoluted) technique:

    (i) Open Windows Explorer, insert your floppy and expand (click on the + mark in the folders column) to enable details in the 'View' column (right hand side).

    (ii) Then scroll down the folders (left) column and click the + on Windows > + Application Data > + Microsoft to reveal 'Address Book' (don't highlight it).

    (iii) Return to 'View' of addresses in Floppy and select the entries [click Edit > then Select All].

    (iv) Right-click and hold down on the details and drag them down to your Address Book [as revealed in item #ii above] and then release.

    (v)Left click 'move here' or 'copy here'. Done

    Note: You might find you are only able to move about 10 or so addresses at a time using this technique.


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    Default Re: Address Book

    The first thing I would do is to see whether your adress book has been deleted from the computer. Open Windows explorer and go to the C:\windows\application data\microsoft\address book folder. There should be a .wab and .wa~ file for each address book you have. If they are still there, I would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling Internet Explorer.

    Be sure to back up the Application Data folder (including sub folders) under a different name before uninstalling I.E.
    Your mail should be located in the C:\windows\application data\microsoft\outlook express folder if you used the default storage location.

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