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    Default couldn't start PC up properly...


    i done search forums to look for the same problem, couldn't find..

    my PC is vista 32 bits (home premium.. AMD Athlon(tm)64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800 (2 CPUs) DirectX 10.

    need more information? just ask.. i am trying to learn Computer..

    The problem is.. when i start PC... i get black screen with a message saying "The file is possible corrupt. The file header checksum does not match computer checksum."

    and i couldn't do anything apart from rebooting... i have to rebooting PC few times.. to get the PC working...

    Is it something do with the Monitor?(cos i get this PC from my friend, not the monitor) or any solution?

    Looking forward to hear for reply.. i'll keep checking this forums every day now :-)

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    Default Re: couldn't start PC up properly...

    What model is your motherboard?

    Can you get into the Bios?
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    Default Re: couldn't start PC up properly...

    Does it show this error ?

    Path\File_name ?

    Did you upgrade to XP ?
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    Default Re: couldn't start PC up properly...

    my motherboard is M2N32-SLI De Luxe.

    I can get into bios.

    No i didn't upgrade to XP.

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