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    Default intel core 2 processors

    how can i tell if my pc will support dual/quad core processers?(upgrade)

    acer aspire T180

    Mfg date: 19/2/2006

    if you need any more info i might be able to supply

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    Default Re: intel core 2 processors

    It looks like it supports AMD processors, not Intel ones.

    Acer machines are of pretty poor quality - if not the worst - if you want to upgrade it's best to go and buy a new custom-built PC. We can help you out with that
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    Default Re: intel core 2 processors

    so it supports amd dual cores?

    if not whats a good single core processor i could upgrade to?

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    Default Re: intel core 2 processors

    You need to know the motherboard name and model and then look it up to see if it supports the CPU you are looking at

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    Default Re: intel core 2 processors

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