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    Default Phone/broadband problems

    We have a wireless modem operating at home with a splitter in the wall phone plug. Recently the phone has suffered lots of static and the broadband cuts out when the phone is used either an incoming or outgoing call.
    What can we do to fix this? is it the modem going under or is there something we can do to get it all working properly.
    Up until recently, there has been no issues at all with both broadband and phone working fine.

    If anyone has a similar story and/or solution i would be really grateful.


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    Default Re: Phone/broadband problems

    Have you tried replacing the line filter?
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    Default Re: Phone/broadband problems

    Is there just one phone involved? Your filter has probably gone faulty, if you got 2 with the modem try the other. Otherwise buy another.

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    Default Re: Phone/broadband problems

    Try plugging the phone into a different port which doesn't have anything else on it i.e. just have the modem on on port with nothing else on the phone line and then plug the phone into a different port/jack which only has the phone on it.


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