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    After I installed this program, the radio station that I was listening over Winamp started to buzz/murmur (sorry for my english) in background. That buzz is there even whan the program (Total Recorder) isn't running. I believe the buzzing would be gone if I uninstall the program, but I don't want to do that because it is the only program that works for me in recording radio. Now, I would like some advice because there is many options in that program and I don't understand it all. Someone who uses/used that program.
    After that (not obligatory) could someone tell me why no other recording program worked on my program (I have all right sound card).

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    I solved problem. Sorry for bothering.
    If someone else will need, follow theese steps:
    open winamp->options->preferences->plug-ins->output->unninstall direct sound->restart computer.

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