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Thread: Windows XP SP3

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    Question Windows XP SP3

    Has anyone installed SP3 for Windows XP, and found a problem exporting files?

    Today I encountered a problem where both a Ppt file and also a bitmap file from my computer--recently updated--were not recognised by my laptop with Windows XP SP2.

    It may not be the upgrade, but I am a bit suspicious.

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    Does the XP SP2 PC have office on it?

    If it doesnt thats why.

    XP doesnt support PPT without office (or maybe openoffice), or the Powerpoint viewer.

    I've updated to SP3, but I've installed it on both PC's here. Neither have SP2 installed
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    Default Re: Windows XP SP3

    Yes. both have Office although mine has Office 2003 and the laptop has Office 2007.

    That should not affect recognition of a bitmap file though, should it.

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    Default Re: Windows XP SP3

    Has the laptop lost file association for bmp files, ie: if you use the correct program, does it open the file?
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