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    Default Buying a new PC

    I am from Tauranga and would like advice on buying a new PC. i.e what companies in Tauranga are any good, backup service etc, and also price.
    Main use of the PC would be mostly games (AOE II), and a few APS

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    visit my site on

    alternatively email me or ICQ 39911060

    I will help as best I can



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    Hi, PCAnything..

    Talk to them about what you want. Failing that all I can recommend is not to get a HP or Compaq etc etc, not if you want to play games.


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    What about the PC Company are they any good?
    Prices are good what about
    service and reliability?

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    HI Phil

    I would advise you to buy a custom built computer as they are usually more upgradeable
    and when it comes to games that will happen qicker than you think,when Rob goes to upgrade his pccompany computer,they will tell him he,ll have to buy a new one,and their one of the better OEM,s.
    Find someone in your area that builds local and then you,ll have some real support,provided they know their stuff of course,and you will have a computer that isn,t full of software that you don,t need or want thats taking up valueable resorces.

    --- or you could buy my system
    which I am thinking of selling
    Pentium 3 850mhz for $1800

    email me if interested
    rgds Boris

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    I work for a computer company called RJ Computers Limited. We offer a range of Intel and AMD based computers and will customise them to the client's requirements.

    We offer a 2 year 'return to base warranty' on our systems (this excludes Software and peripherals*, which carry the manufacturer's warranties, and will arrange replacement of items which have warranty period of more than 2 years such as RAM and Hard Drives).

    *peripherals are things such as printers and scanners.

    The only disadvantage as far as you are concerned is that delivery (and return for repair, if required) would be by overnight courier. This is because we are based in Marton (Between Wanganui and Palmerston North. However I don't see this as a problem, as we have supplied and maintained computers from the Central North Island down to Christchurch.

    For more details (or even some advice) contact Steve Rose on (06) 327-8195 or email

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