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    Unhappy Security and sharing

    Hi everyone.

    I think I did something quite some time ago that set up another user as Steve - Administrator and now I am lacking some priveleges.

    In the accounts section there is only 2 names, Guest which is off and Steve - Administrator which is the one I use.

    When I run control userpasswords2 it says I have full administrator rights.

    I only noticed the lack of priveleges if that is what it is because I am trying to network my N95 to the PC and when I tried to share a folder and check the security etc, the security tab was missing.

    A quick google of this said I had to disable simple file sharing by going into folder options/view and unticking the box to use simple file sharing, however when I tried to do that, there was no check box to use simple file sharing.

    I am very cautious about changing the way users logon on etc because I once removed an account and it seemed to remove everything on my pc as well.

    I would like to go back to the original built in administrator account if possible while retaining all my computer files and folders or else does anyone have any idea why I can not share folders or enable security?

    Thanks in advance

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    And what have you got XP Home or Pro?

    If Home, it wont have the security tab, (it doesnt have it by default, only Pro does), when you untick simple file sharing.

    Unless you boot into safe mode.
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    Sorry, Forgot to mention that. It is XP Home, service pack 2.

    I booted into safe mode and had a look but there are no tabs there either.

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    Dont know then. Make sure file and printer sharing are ticked in the firewall.

    And create a folder (if you havent yet) and share it. Then the security tab may appear in safe mode.

    But since you've got Home, you wont see the security tab in normal windows

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    I got it thanks. It was the newly installed freebie version of Mcafee for broadband customers, blocking incoming traffic.
    I just eased up on the security a little so it asks me whenever it gets a request, and I was able to connect.


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