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    Default vista sp1 failed

    my sister has vista which i noticed has failed to install sp1. there are a couple of other failed updates as well. the list of available updates to download dont give an option to try redownloading sp1 and im not sure what to do next as i dont have vista myself.

    can anyone advise why it may have failed and how to upgrade to sp1?

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    Default Re: vista sp1 failed

    thanks but mcaffee is not installed on the computer so appears to be a different problem.

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    Default Re: vista sp1 failed

    This may or may not be of some help- its one of the attempted fixes in the other post I tried.

    It is a bat file that I located from a Vista Forum that when run, attempts to locate and repair unsuccessful updates for vista.

    If previous ones are damaged, this may cause problem with new updates installing.

    It didn't work in my case, but may in yours, download the zipped file from here - unzip it and double click to run, you will see a whole stream of files being checked, once finished retry the update.

    One of the problems I had was it keep saying Access Denied. (Even running as Administrator)
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    Default Re: vista sp1 failed

    When first running Vista about 6 months ago for my daughter, remember running a ? spyware programme and getting Access Denied (although running as an Administrator) and it was necessary to initially click "Run as Administrator" to get rid of Access Denied. Is there a similar setting in the programme suggested?.

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