My details: IE7, OE6, Office 2003, Firefox (set as default browser).

Problem: When printing an email I get lots of HTML code with therein buried the text of the message.

When it started: No clue, I rarely print email so I do not know what triggered the change during my s/ware customisations.

What I did to solve: extensively googled, but little information gained. There was an article by Microsoft of 2002 giving a solution that mentioned IE4 but the recipe could not be applied to today's Microsoft software. However, the clue was there that I had to look into IE6. I did a lot in IE6, resetting everything to status as if IE6 is new, disabled every add-on ... but no joy (did same to F/f).

But then, after 2 weeks of "misery" my last and final try was to UNDO Firefox as my default browser and RESET IE7 to being my default browser -- now I can print the emails with text (without pages of HTML code).

Next problem: how do I get F/f back to being my default browser without upsetting IE7 causing the "interference" with email text printing? (By the way, I cannot use F/f 3 yet as I experience troubles with Sitehound untility at present). Great to have your solution.