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    Default How do I create this sort of image in CS2

    Hi there

    Id like to be able an create an ribbon image, sort of like this ~ , with tapered ends.

    If i make it that for, how can I overlay that ontop an image, but cut away what remains of the overlain image below the ~.

    Thanks for your tips

    John in Mosgiel

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    Default Re: How do I create this sort of image in CS2

    These might help

    alternatively look on Youtube for "photoshop ribbon" tutorial - guaranteed to be one on there. Or just google one.

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    Default Re: How do I create this sort of image in CS2

    Photoshop: Create the shape you want with the shape tool. "U" key will bring it up if it is in CS2 ( I have it in CS3).

    Once you have your shape then just use Warp
    In the toolbar at the top maybe choose Arc from the different Warp Settings
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