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    Hi All.
    One of my projects for 2008 is to make a web page. I have looked at Freeware programs off the internet &, to me, seem very complicated.
    Is anyone running a webpage constructed fro an easy Wysiwyg program. I don't want to go the HTML way. My tired old brain won't cope with that. Any ideas?? Thanks. PJ
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    I am 58 and have set up two basic web sites just using a text editor.

    There is a lot to learn to use say Dreamweaver.

    I think you are better off with a good text editors and learn some basic HTML from some web site tutorials.
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    Look up Nvu. It's a wysiwyg editor and it standards compliant
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    Hi PJ ... The mentioned Nvu has been superceded by the free Kompozer, which comes with manuals explaining Nvu and Kompozer.... realy neat and relatively simple to use. We use it for teaching web design at SeniorNet and I recommend a download and play.... With reference to Digby's comments about using some basic introduction to HTML, we do in fact do that, with the first few weeks and first website vrtually done in that way. Just so that members know some of the jargon and how there thing fits together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse View Post
    Nvu has been superceded by the free Kompozer,
    I can't tell the difference between them.

    What I do, (cheat) is get a template, make sure its css, and amend it.
    Then you can swap between wysiwyg and the code (source) and figure it out from there if you want to get into html.

    Theres free templates and pay ones..........

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